Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A New Lesson at Old Orchard Beach

I buried my toes in the sand for warmth, bracing myself for the crashing of the waves against my hips and ribs. The inevitable flinching and contraction of the joints in anticipation of the water is a part of the experience at any beach in New England.
I came into the summer thinking that I had to learn how to put my feet up and let go of things, but my body rebelled against the couch potato syndrome. Doing nothing makes my head swirl in anxiety; making to-do lists to feel productive and accomplished.
As long as I get enough sleep, the real rejuvenation comes from joyful experiences with loved ones in the presence of natural beauty (a sun setting while riding a ferris wheel), creativity (a friend strumming on a guitar singing about the color pink), and good food (turkey, salami and cheese sandwiches with mustard and pickles on a sub roll with the occasional grain of sand). It's a simple solution to a complex problem.

There is success in waking up early, packing up a cooler, and getting on a ferry to Martha's Vineyard. Getting lost isn't enjoyable, but if it's a three hour car ride filled with good music and conversation with friends success is in just getting there. This is just as important as managing a team and putting together a successful youth program.

I picked up the stick and took a quick bite off the head of the corndog. I posed for a picture, wanting to look cool or something like that. As I look at the photo now, I regret not smiling straight into that dog like I would have as a kid.
As we age, we allow our problems to become more emotionally consuming. Working with middle school youth who are trapped in their hormones and irrational feelings, I watch how they can have a meltdown one minute, and the next they are bent over in a fit of laughter. Right now, I am practicing working towards solutions and letting go of situations that I cannot control.

Waves are going to hit us and may even knock us over, but the fun part is getting back up and trying to stay up against something so much more powerful. Is it a corny analogy? Absolutely. Is it true? Without a doubt.


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  1. Indeed its all in the strength to withstand something much more powerful.

    Pretty picture of you :)