Friday, February 8, 2013

One month of thoughts, feelings, and every sip in between

you had me at hello. teaching is like walking the plank. bitchassness is at an all time high. i mean what i say. i mean what i don't say. at the age of 27, i am still offended when people say, "but you are just so smart." i can handle bourbon straight up. when i'm not writing, i lose myself in errands, to-do lists, and check marks. playing bejeweled makes me feel accomplished. i sprayed the honor the good jar with perfume. my love jar is filled with mostly with mementos from one person. my world has become smaller; i'm trying to open it. the rocky steps didn't feel as high up this time around. a hug from certain friends has a way of pulling you into the earth. some friends can't be lied to with the words, "i'm good." a family 90's party giving me a reason to wear a ninja turtles t-shirt. the letter from a parent saying that our work has changed her son's life forever. the winter sorel boots that gathered dust in the closet were put to use; finally. that feeling when you forget a friend's birthday and you'd rather rip your gut out than admit it. the juice fasting that you hide from the girls you work with because they're too young and too impressionable to see food as anything else but fuel and comfort. the burden of being a role model for 37.5 hours a week. Philadelphia is a great fuckin city for eating, boozing, and being merry. steven reminded me that i am not the only who is surprised where life has taken us. shaving the side of my head is not a good idea at this point of my life. baby tessa continues to grow. i owe her a letter. victor's death continues to be real. i haven't been inside a church since my brother's wedding in may of 2011. my lack of religion and faith maybe a personality flaw. the title "wife" is no longer derogatory. i would have been a great politician. i would love to play super nintendo. i have lots of love for those who know the names of old school wwf wrestlers more so than those who know pretentious writers. this chapter would be called the lost years by someone less creative. i would call it living in nostalgia and the bottom of wine bottle. wedged sneakers has given me the permission slip back to tomboy dressing. i wouldn't mind going completely blond, but the streaks/ombre will have to do for now. snow storms have a way of forcing you in front of a keyboard. back to west wing viewing.


  1. I love the perfectly rational, totally makes sense, random, sporadic sentences. x

  2. I absolutely love reading your writing! Please keep it up!