Tuesday, March 19, 2013

on how to love your job again/getting over a quarter life (mini) crisis

1. read books about a quarter life crisis, being a bossypants, and a little Jane Austen for some perspective.

2. take your hard earned money and buy yourself a nice laptop.

3. spend early mornings writing in cafes and eating crepes alone.

4. spend late nights listening to good music like Nina Simone and Corinne Bailey Rae. listen to songs that make you feel things, not just those that make you take a shot of tequila.

5. buy a really good eye concealer so that you look like you're 21 again.

6. buy your kids/students/staff ice cream.

7. hate your job.

8. hate it some more.

9. write a list about why it's so awful.

10. then on the following day, keep a tab on how many times someone goes out of their way to make you smile or laugh.

11. get angry.

12. watch films about feminism; especially this one.

13. be thankful that you are at the table and are finally able to make the decisions that will impact the future.

14. get over yourself.

15. get back to work.