Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Bitchy Mystique

I'm sorry.

I bought the book, Why Men Love Bitches, and am reading it. It's the kind of book that when someone looks through my Kindle library I say, "Yea, that was for some research I was doing about dating. It was horrible." It's in the same mental pile as 50 Shades of Grey. ahem. Anyway, I decided to throw up on read the book because one of my coworkers, a Polish Buddhist who has the aura of the love goddess Aphrodite, told me, "Oh! It's like my bible."

Oh, really?

 Now, a few chapters in, I'm not judging her dating religion, but being too nice isn't my problem. In fact, I probably need the book, Stop Being a Know It All-Feminist-Ball Stomping-Bitch...Because No One Likes that Shit: Get Some Manners and Class. A Guide to Dating for the Juice Drinking-Spike Wearing-Late 20's Year Old.*

I'm a stickler for facts and logical thinking, which makes me an awesome employee, but a horrible conversationalist if you're looking to just unwind on the weekend. My brows raise and eyes roll when people say stupid things. I'm pretty sure that I would do this even to President Obama and Mama Winfrey. It's in my nature. I'm confrontational and egotistical. I am always right. (see? can't help myself)

I do think I am nice though. Although, I seem to be going through a mean-streak. My sympathy and empathy levels have seemed to dropped, but that's a whole 'nother problem. I'm more than just feisty. My words bite and my (dirty) looks have killed.

I don't apologize for being too bitchy. Its's exactly that quality that moved me out of that too-polite let me save the world and not myself deep and dark place that many women find themselves when they spend too much time nursing every other broken bird to health.

I am thankful for this trait. Bitchiness gives you the audacity to stop someone from cutting you off  mid-sentence in a meeting. Bitchiness may keep me single, but it's what keeps the blood pumping. And I'm not sure if I am ready to give up this kind of life.

*Another book I may need to read: Bitch in the streets, mute and submissive in the sheets.


  1. Well if it stirs your soul like that,than its definitely worth a read!

  2. @Samille LOL I am not sure if it stirred my soul, but I love reading things that make me angry.