Friday, March 8, 2013

whatchya want?

If you're a 27 year old woman, you should either be climbing up the corporate ladder with an ice pic to gauge out the eyes of anyone who gets in your way of a promotion or a buttery croissant in the cafeteria or ready to gauge your eyes out over the seating arrangement at your upcoming wedding. There's not much else out there for the rest of us to talk about without the, "So, what is it that you actually want out of life?"

I want those leather leggings I ordered to be delivered even in this snow storm. With my sneaker wedges I'll have the perfect weekend outfit for cupcake eating and coffee drinking.

I also want to go back to that pricey tapas restaurant. They have an amazing ahi tuna dish.

I want more thinking time.

More sunlight.

More will power to eat less chocolate and more green stuff.

More quiet mornings.

More time giving out hugs.

More nights out dancing to great music.

More perfect hair days.

Less time waiting for a good seat at the cafe.

Less mixed signals.

Less sexism.

Less people telling me that race doesn't matter.

Less commercials during my favorite tv shows.

Less unmotivated people projecting their insecurities on me.

I want lots of things out of this life, but what I really want is the choice and freedom to do it in my own time. Yea, I know I run the risk of having my eggs turn to dust before I figure it all out, but it's not like I'm stripping on a pole (I'd break that shit, anyway).

And still, what is it that I want? What every woman has ever wanted...