Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The May (Be) To Do List

1. Make your own lunch May--maybe it's those darn lunch tickets I got in elementary school that trained me to not plan out what I was going to eat. As an adult with a grown-up job, I still leave the house in the morning, belly full with breakfast, without a thought in my mind about lunch. Secretly, I'm still hoping that my boss will hand me a lunch ticket. I usually end up at Chipotle or gazing into the contents of the hot bar at Whole Foods.

This month I'm trying to build up a new habit. I am taking responsibility for my lunch break, packing my own lunch, and staying away from the quick fix of take-out.

2. Eat real deep dish pizza in Chicago. Some people have said I will probably hate it, but I just can't imagine not enjoying something with so much cheese and sauce.

3. Keep the indoor plants alive. I am not one to garden or get dirt underneath my fingernails, but the addition of plants in my living room makes me feel like less of a degenerate. A

4. Read Melissa V. Harry-Perris' book. I'm in love with this woman, her courage, and her intelligence.

5. Get another tattoo. Not sure what I want yet, but something is brewing.

6. Lunch in the Commons. It can't be on a weekend though, it has to be on a day when I play hooky and take some time for myself.

7. Paint over that yellow wall in my bedroom. Yellow walls really can drive a woman into hysteria. It's driving me mad. I even repositioned my bed because I couldn't stand to wake up in the morning looking at it.

8. Make This. Poached eggs in tomato sauce has to be a win.

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