Friday, June 7, 2013

the day.

remember when they wrapped their arms around your thick waist to say hello. when they let you run your fingers through their curls and told you a story. when they sat on your left knee and nestled their chin into your shoulder. when they asked you how your day was going and waited for an answer. when they ate a small piece of your donut and didn't ask for more. when they said thank you to another child. when they locked their pinky into yours and made eye contact. when they listened and you didn't have to ask.  when the boys painted their nails and showed them off without fear of a snicker. when the babies let you palm their faces and squeeze their cheeks until you said good night.

remember the day when they were absolutely perfect and forgive them for those when they have driven you to pints of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and spiked Shirley Temples.

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  1. Love this! Beautifully written. :)