Monday, July 1, 2013

at Twenty-Gr8.

You'll be thankful for the stories.  For the one that comes rushing through the metal doors to show you his report card; less C's, more B's. For the one that wept tears of joy through each song during her favorite singer's concert. For the one that sits at your desk, fidgeting and tall, proud and humble, saying, "I don't like telling people things."

With faded dreams of marching down an aisle or frolicking through the streets of Paris, on my 28th celebration of life I am grateful for the stories that have swept through me. Each person who has been brave enough to share themselves over a cup of coffee, in between a basketball dribble, or side by side on a roller coaster ride. I am thankful for the beauty of humanity that makes each of us struggling little bastards still wake up with the will to fight and be better.

Humans are amazing, aren't they? Always losing. Never good enough. Yet, fearless enough to keep putting that key in the ignition or to stand on the platform, sweat dripping from a brow and mind wandering through endless to do lists.

Today I butchered my birthday cake into twenty imperfect pieces, slopping it onto plates with a fork stuck into its center. I shared with the babies who have put their tiny hearts into my care and forgot to give myself a piece. Often, people will say that I am selfless, but everyday people place their stories onto my lap or on my shoulder. Through whispers, wet tears, and curse words they let me into their narratives and allow me to participate in their lives.

In this year, I want to give back everything that has been given to me: flowers, chocolate, kisses, undeserving kindness and patience, relentless support, and above all, the acceptance of my story. My beautiful unraveling story.

Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Happy birthday. May you continue to grow and inspire. I've been following your blog for a VERY long time now. I was sad when you took a hiatus, excited when you returned. I don't comment often, but I am always moved by your eloquence and your insight. I appreciate the rhythm in your words and the depth of your thoughts. Thank you for sharing YOU with US, highs, lows, and everything in between. Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Happy Birthday Amelia <3 It's so nice to hear your appreciation for life and the simple beauties that surround you. I work with children too and you're the only other professional I have heard that refers to the kids as "my babies" but that is essentially what they are....our beautiful babies. Enjoy the year ahead. Thanks for are one of my very few MUST reads xo

  3. Parabéns, Ameila! Every second, no matter what it brings, is a blessing. I love that you're so aware of this and show it in all that you write and from what I can tell, all that you do. xo

  4. Happy Birthday! It is GREAT that you decided to celebrate your milestone, rather than think of it as a negative. I did the same thing a couple of months ago when I turned 30. Thanks for your post.

  5. You are wonderful, Amelia. May you be happy, safe and enjoy each step of the way! Thanx for sharing your kindness and growth.

  6. Love this! You have grown since the last time I visited this blog which was about a year ago. You are grateful for how your story is being played out so far and its a sobering reminder for me. It's a blessing to realize that our story is an intricate detail in a larger overall picture. That we are not placed on this earth merely for ourselves, but to interact with the other masterpieces surrounding us. I will place this blog within my bookmarks once again! :) Happy Birthday!