Friday, August 30, 2013

A Good Week

 Before the wedding and a mini-reunion. I picked up the dress on a Macy's clearance rack. Shoes are Enzo Angiolini. Size 11 and wide. 

The girls after screaming the lyrics to Drake's "Started from the Bottom." The bride, the one in white, was killing it in her one shouldered freakum dress. T or F?

This picture takes me straight back to college. This is Papa John, he is kinda like Bill Cosby without the ugly sweaters. 

 Another brunch photo. The dress/tunic is from H&M plus. I pretty much wear it everyday. Sorry, not sorry.

 Being a badass about painting  an accent wall in the bedroom a metallic silver. I still need more paint after two coats, but I can't wait to see/live in the final results.


  1. Winning with those shoes and the H&M dress is pretty too

  2. I seriously love your silver dress! I have wedding this month and I can't find anything I like. What brand is that dress? Btw- if you feel like selling that dress let me know. Lol!

  3. @alljai I am not selling the dress (I love it too much!), but it is made by Pisarro Nights. I think it's called the Beaded sheath dress. It seems to be hard to find, but i purchased it from Macy's. Good luck! Also, Macy's is my go-to for special event dresses.

  4. Thanks for the info! I love your blog! I've been reading it for years now. :)

  5. One more question- who makes the black sneaker wedges you posted awhile ago. I'm also a size 11. It's hard to find cute shoes that fit.

  6. @Alljai Those sneaker heels were from Target. I also have a pair of Nike ones and ASOS. Thanks for reading! xoxo