Saturday, September 21, 2013

Where Have I Been?

In one short sentence: Kicking life's ass.

The longer story:

1. Witnessing holy unions.
2. Hounding my good friend and amazing writer Nikki for more tips about how to enhance the social media presence of my organization.
3. Learning HTML and plucking out the gray hairs I've been getting from it.
4. Hugging babies so tightly that their ribs may burst against my belly.
5. Listening closely to that little voice inside me that says, "You can do it."
6. Ignoring those big, loud voices that say, "What's the point of doing it?"
7. Being kinder, friendlier, and warmer to those who work with me and failing miserably.
8. Trying to end my peanut butter fudge addiction.
9. Pounding my sandals into the pavement of the city as the summer air slips.
10. Meditating on these words: Anything is Possible.
11. Reconciling with old friends; extending olive branches over glasses of wine and cocktails.
12. Wearing less bronzer and more concealer.
13. Painting a bedroom wall silver.
14. Day dreaming about my New Year's trip to Hawaii (FUCK YEAH).
15. Asking the question, "What's next?"


  1. God bless you with "What's next". I'm excited to read about it. If you get a chance please visit my blog and let me know what you think. I'm always open for advise.

  2. 16. Making art.
    17. Joining the Initiative. Avoiding Victoria Grayson.