Amelia Pontes is a twenty-eightyear old self-proclaimed rambler who chooses to write her emotional inquisitions about the world rather than bore her real life friends with her long-winded conundrums. The second youngest of forty-eight first cousins, she splits her weekends between family and wandering through the streets of Boston searching for delicious desserts and dashing dresses.

Her first blog, Sound Bites, began as a health conscious blog that traced her steps out of emotional eating and followed her into a world of fashion and lifestyle blogging.  Amelia hopes that you'll hobble along with her through her late 20's as she tries to ignore the ticking of the biological clock, embraces her lumps and humps, and keeps herself from quitting her day job, drinking dark roasted coffee and eating croissants all day.

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Email: ameliapontes@ameliapontes.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ameliapontes
Tumblr: http://ameliapontes.tumblr.com

Instagram: ameliapontes

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