Monday, May 7, 2012

One Month

"You don't have to process anything now, but you do have to process it. Maybe your subconscious will do it in a dream, but at some point, in order to really move on you will have to process it."

Not today.


  1. When my father died it was a couple of months later that I had a very real dream that he called to say he was fine. Out of hundreds of dreams about him before and since then, it was the only one in which he was dead -- he`s alive and everything is the way it used to be in all the other dreams I have of him. When I asked him why he was calling from there (`there` being heaven or wherever it is that dead people hang) he said he just wanted me to know that he was fine and happy and that we didn`t need to worry. I woke up feeling at peace and like I had some sort of closure for the first time since he slipped into his coma before he died and I have felt it ever since. It really will come. xx

  2. @Adrienne Thank you for sharing your story. That's a beautiful dream and I hope I can experience some type of closure like that, as well. =)