Monday, August 20, 2012

Proving Providence is Worth the Trip

Too sick to take the eight hour bus ride to Philadelphia, I took a day trip to Providence with my friend Kristen. After missing our stop and riding to the end of the commuter rail and having the conductors laugh at us, we finally made it to the little city. Known for its big mall and the ivory towers of Brown University, I wanted to see what else the city had to offer.

After an hour of wandering around, eating a boiled chili dog out of a food truck (gross), and getting nowhere, Kristen asked a young Hemingway lookalike if he knew of any good places to eat. His southern accent threw us off, but his inner-forearm tattoo gave him that northeast hipster credibility. He couldn't believe that we'd leave Boston (the city he goes to buy his Toms shoes) to spend the day in such a boring place. Finally, he gave us two suggestions, and we chose The Red Fez. It was only nine minutes away from our current location according to Google maps.

With a "49" on the black industrial looking door and a one page menu tacked outside, we knew this was the place. All I had to see was "BBQ pulled pork," and I was sold. A tatted up woman opened the door to clean some windows and after a cold shrug to let us know the place as open, we went in. The place was empty. dark. cold. I could barely read the menu, but Kristen took over. We ordered the clams for an appetizer and shared the macaroni and cheese plate and the pulled pork dish.

One of the best meals of my life, without a doubt. I'd take another trip to the city just for the food. Buzzed from the beer, we schlepped to a spot to take pictures. Like most bloggers, I freaking love a nice brick wall. Providence is quaint and a place to write a novel about going for long walks and falling in love with the man who serves you coffee and a croissant every morning at your favorite coffee shop.

How small is Providence? After our meal, while walking up to the historical side of town, we bumped into Mr. Hemingway again. On a bike and out of breath, he asked us about our meal. The city, which Kristen insists is just a town, is a charmer. It's not the place that will have you packing your dorm room crap to move to after graduation. However, the small homes on the hill with the old wooden doors and brick sidewalks, we'll have you at 27 (me, now!) thinking that it might be the perfect place to settle down.

dress and necklace:forever21/shoes:payless/jacket:urbanoutfitters

You're probably wondering why I'm able to frolic on down to Providence on a Monday, but I'm finally on vacation. When camp ended on Friday, my coworkers and I dashed over to Forever 21 for a quick wardrobe fix. I needed something that was respectable, yet made it clear that I am more than just a camp director. Ya know? This royal blue dress and turquoise statement piece was a match made in Crayola heaven. With the summer warmth fading, I threw on the mustard biker jacket for added color and coverage. It feels good to have some resemblance of style again.


  1. Oooh, I've always wanted to visit Providence. It seems charming, and if the food is as good as you say, I'll definitely have to go someday. :) And I love your dress, btw! Such a pretty shade of blue, and looks awesome with the jacket/necklace color combo. <3

  2. Providence sounds like such a pretty lil place to visit! I love your dress and necklace :) hope you're feeling better now

  3. Beauty!! The color blue is perfect on you. I'm happy you had a good time and great eats. Nothing like a getaway to catch your breath and remind yourself of the small things you love, like shopping for and finding the perfect dress ;]

  4. I love the turquoise with that color of blue! I think I'll try that. And the mustard colored of my favorite colors! You look fantastic in this outfit!

  5. This outfit is fantastic! You look amazing; I like how you've successfully pulled off professional and chic.

  6. Love the turquoise statement piece. Will be trawling Forever 21 over here in London for one! Love the crayola look lady!