Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Dress

For less than $20 at Avenue, I picked up this bright floral print dress. I bought it two sizes up knowing that with a simple belt I'd have the option of recreating its shape to fit the occasion. This frock has come through all summer long when I couldn't find anything else to wear. Wrinkle-free and cool (in temperature, not just style) it's barely spent any time on a hanger in my closet.

In the city with a cross body bag and the ultimate urbanite's accessories a Starbucks cup and a smart phone, I sat down for a picnic in the park with a friend and a late evening movie. On my free weekends, I like rushing out of the house before noon and spending the day wandering through Boston and Cambridge. Making pit spots at my favorite spots, this dress fits any occasion, even sitting cross legged under a tree in the Boston Commons.

photo courtesy of Kris10

In July, I had the honor of witnessing the wedding of a good college friend.After an emotional ceremony and then a kick-ass reception with yummy cupcakes and dancing under the stars on an estate in Maryland, we drummed up the energy for some post-partying. Friends from Haverford and Bryn Mawr College went back to our coed days (umm, we're all much cooler now though) and went out to a couple of lounges in D.C. After sweating out my hair at the reception, I went back to the hotel to freshen up and switch out of my long black dress. My favorite dress came through in the clutch. Paired with a thin black belt, smoky eyes, and big earrings it was the perfect dress to end a wonderful weekend.

With my Herschel backpack in tow, I sat front seat as my cousin's personal navigator, assistant, and Beyonce-lovah companion on the trip back from our family's Annual Celebration of Life. For a weekend, we escape to the mountains to be in the company of loved ones to remember those we've lost and cherish the ones who are still with us. Even after a night of overeating and drinking, throwing this dress on with a topknot bun and hoop earrings had even the most hungover cousins mumbling that I looked great.

What's been your go-to outfit to beat the heat?


  1. That dress is perfection.
    My go-to outfit is a black skater skirt and a top that is flowy and light so I don't drown in the heat.

  2. Cute dress. Avenue is good for some good steals and deals, and when you want something oversized. My go-to has been a simple black cotton maxi dress. It has served as everything from a cover-up in The Bahamas to a nice date night frock. Every woman should have the perfect go-to and I must say your's is quite lovely! Might have to go check out my neighborhood Avenue!

  3. I love a floral dress and I think it's great that you bought it soi that you can make it into a different look everytime. I dont have a go-to dress but I have a go-to flats,my brown moccasins.

  4. I was lucky enough to snag a soft yellow lace dress from Zara. I talked myself into buying it. Now I have to talk myself out of wearing it most days. I prefer to pair it with worn in toms, boots or sandals and a belt.