Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Things

1. I am eating wasabi peas at my office desk. It's past my working hours. The teens are the in the gym. The ball is bouncing above my head. Sneakers are screeching. And there's grunting and cheering coming through the walls. It's peaceful.

2. I tried writing a post on anger,but it sounded too preachy. I've saved it for later when I can be more honest.

3. I'm actually really hungry, but eating these damn little overpriced peas makes me feel better. There's also a king sized Kit Kat in my left drawer, but it's best that I leave that for another day.

4. The buzzer just went off from the gym. Groans emerge.

5.  I haven't been able to finish the last 3 books I started reading.

6. My room is still a mess. Clothes have been piled up on the floor for almost two weeks, waiting to be organized, thrown out, or at least just put on my body.

7. It's time that I take a class. I need a structured space where I can learn something, produce, and feel accomplished. Or heck, even failing might be a good idea. Losing is good for the soul.

8. I am getting picked up in three minutes.

9. I am wearing royal blue, leopard print, and gold studded combat boots today. This would have been an awesome OOTD. Sucks for you. Sucks for my blog hits.

10. An email came from my department today about "diversity." I rolled my eyes, then remembered, "Shit! That's what I need to be doing. Why am I not on that committee?" Then I saw that Junot Diaz is speaking to our department next month. When opportunity meets chance.


  1. I always appreciate your honesty! I've been thinking about a class myself. Do let us know what you decide to take.

    D. xx

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  3. This so sounds like something I would have written today. I might even steal your idea and post 10 random things about my day.