Sunday, October 14, 2012


My sister in law is in labor. She's been in labor for almost two days; much respect. While I was hungover from too much vodker, she was contracting. Amazing. Soon enough, we'll have another girl joining the family. I've started to think about all of the things that I want to teach her (look out for a list!) and pass down to her from my family.

On Friday night, the girl cousins celebrated Monica's 29th birthday. In heels that pinched our toes and clothes that hugged the curves that our mamas gave us, we danced and celebrated another member of the tribe. Each birthday is a reminder and affirmation of what we know is important above all: life.

With the birth of another girl imminent (within the next hour!), I can't help but get excited about the wonderful sisterhood she will enter. I know that without a doubt my aunts and cousins are the reason why my self esteem has rarely wavered. With compliments, kisses, and clanking glasses to toast another night together, I couldn't be more happy to know that this new little girl will be welcomed by a family that only seems to be growing in love by the minute.

It's been one of the hardest years of my life, and I write this with tears in my eyes and thoughts of Victor bouncing through my body like a ping pong ball that won't land. I think about how the news of the pregnancy came in his final weeks of life and how much joy he felt that Kevin was having a child. I think about how much I prayed that he would stay alive long enough to meet him or her. I think about how he had said, Victor" is a great name with the little curl in his lip. I can't deny that I'm sad that he is not here now, but she's coming at the right time where there is nothing but love to give.

Cheers to Baby B who is on her way right now!


  1. OMG another cousin! Can't wait to meet her at Christmastime!

  2. Your family reminds me so much of my own! There is nothing more important and no greater love :) Congrats to all of you!

  3. @Katie You'll have to meet her and teach her how to speak French. =) We have a new member to our French Film Festival crew.

    @Adrienne Your family must be very special (and crazy), as well. =) Thanks.

  4. Okay I am going to stop reading your blog for today because I am still crying, three entries later. :) Congratulations to your brother + sister-in-law (2 days? oh, hell no...) and your whole family!