Friday, October 12, 2012

In Your Late 20's

I wish someone had told me that things changed when you stopped being in your 20's and inched your way to 30.

1. You'll watch shows like Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl yelling at the girls for being so stupid and kicking yourself for not being a little bit more adventurous and badass.

2. You'll stop worrying about your hair being frizzy and call it sexy bed hair.

3. You'll hope that you're always overdressed.

4. You'll be in a hotel room with four guys and three friends and will find the 41 year old attractive and not creepy. You'll realize that he's not old, he's your peer.

5. You'll spend Saturday nights crafting. Hot glue and paint brushes are accessories.

6. You'll finally admit that florals and stripes can match.

7. You'll appreciate a home cooked meal.

8. You'll want the music turned down just a bit so you can actually have a conversation.

9. You'll have one mug that's the perfect size, color, and shape to shake away the morning crankiness.

10. You'll avoid Facebook for days if someone your age gets pregnant, engaged, or posts a picture of the flowers her partner sent to her job.

11. You'll have one great friend who will text you right after said post and commiserate with you over the news. You'll both bitch, then end the conversation by saying, "Wait. I love my single life. I'm opening a bottle of wine now. All better."

12. You'll start to think about things like diabetes and high cholesterol, but still order dessert. Yolo!

13. You'll hate when people actually say, "Yolo."

14. You'll stop being the "cool" kid, instead you'll just be "cool for your age."

15. You'll stop pretending to be "high brow" and will embrace your townie-beer-drinking roots.


  1. is it weird that most of this speaks to me at 23? love this post!

  2. hahaha i couldn't agree more...turning 30 in January!!! I'm planning a kick ass party!

  3. Hahaha! I should have told you! Everyone that I tell about the subtle differences that you see comes back and tells me I'm right! Lol...

  4. Omg!! Kenyetta, I was about to say the same thing!! I am only 22 and this sounds like me! I actually read this and almost went and gave myself a verbal beat down! Why am I taking things so seriously?!

    Love it, by the way!

  5. @Kenyetta Not weird, at all. LOL You're probably more mature than I am.

    @Dalia YES! You deserve a great party. Enjoy!

    @Overweight in SoCal haha! the late 20's are a strange time...

    @Jeniese I didn't realize the changes until a Friday night when I chose the craft store over the liquor store.

    @Martha No verbal beat down! It's cool to be ahead of your years, but girl, enjoy your early 20's. Be a spring chicken! Be wild! Be free!

  6. THis post is so real and hilarious! Love it :)