Monday, August 5, 2013

[You'll] Just Wanna Live Life Colossal

 ↑↑↑ This baby is too quick and too curious. I spent my time with her on Friday trying to understand her little brain. Everything is new and an adventure. From mommy's polka dot baby bag to Tia's mouth and tongue, no place if off limits for her exploration.  ↑↑↑

       ↑↑↑A walk with friends in one of Boston's open green spaces while the sun settled beneath                     the horizon was the perfect way to end a day of cupcakes and chatter.  ↑↑↑

 ↑↑↑Rachel is simply amazing. Her mind works in questions. Never certain of anything, but grounded in her spirituality and grateful for life's blessings. Spend a few hours with her and you'll be fearless of the truth. Effortless with her style; she possessed swag before rappers rhymed it with every -ag word. A master in (with) luxury, she is full of purpose. A fly pair of shoes may get a squeal from her, but she saves her signature joy dances for good friends and family. 
She should be your daughter's role model.  ↑↑↑

 ↑↑↑In her small frame, Omaira packs a whole lot of punch and spirit. She may order you to grab her sunglasses out of the car compartment like you're one of her assistants, but you obey because you know she'd bend over backwards for you. Loyal and lovable, she lives life like a journey. No obstacle is too hard or too important to keep her stuck. She keeps it moving. Full of integrity and grit, we should all aim to possess the same amount of guts this woman has.  ↑↑↑

 ↑↑↑ Just happy to be in their presence. ↑↑↑ 

↑↑↑ Bonded through blood, united in experience, Monica taught me about long drives with loud music. With a big heart and the best of intentions, she puts family first, always. She's the woman you'll want by your side when your heart gets broken or when you want to eat a good home cooked meal. She is comfort in a pretty dress and heels (always).  ↑↑↑

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