Sunday, March 24, 2013

the fostering of creativity

1. thank you to my father who stole borrowed xerox paper from the law office buildings he cleaned in the evenings and on weekends for me to draw and color on.

2. thank you to Mr. Rich who was mean and tightlipped, but who taught me that drawing a horse was a skill and not a talent.

3. thank you to professor Michael Tratner who allowed me to relearn the writing process during my freshman year of college.

4. thank you to my cousin, Vanda, who read all of my blog posts.

5. thank you to Karen Audette, my childhood neighbor and mentor, who taught me how to play chess and build a snowman that looked like Batman.

6. thank you to Mama Oprah who at 4 o'clock everyday since the age of 8 taught me that greatness was inherit in my existence.

7. thank you to my big brother, Junior, who let me draft up basketball plays for us to try out. Although they rarely worked, I learned the power and the importance of vision in success.

8. thank you to the Crayola crayon box of 96 that let me fall in love with the colors Cerulean and Burnt Sienna.

9. thank you to Maya Angelou for writing books with titles that I did not understand.

10. thank you to all of the people who have ever said, "you are so creative." you have made me smile over and over again. Your acknowledgement has been endearing and mostly, necessary.

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