Saturday, May 26, 2012

Team Victory

On June 8th, I'll be walking with family and friends in memory of my cousin Victor who passed away last month from cancer.  Even in his last days he continued to preach the value of love, friendship, and pursuing your life's passions. It's been a difficult year for the family, but we know coming together for this event to support others who are struggling with this disease is a way to keep his legacy alive. We are also walking in honor of our cousin, Thomas, who is undergoing his second round of chemo as we speak.
We're participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, which is a 24 hour walk around a track. The entire family (we roll deep!) is camping out and completing the race together. I know money is tight and we're not asking for a big donation, but if you could give anything, we'd really appreciate it. 
When Victor was diagnosed last August, the doctors gave him one month to live. But with the new advances in cancer research, they were able to keep him alive for eight invaluable months. We know that the more we can give to this, the closer we are to finding a cure, which can turn someone's eight months into a long and healthy life.
If you're not able to donate, forward along our team page to others and send us your positive vibes.
Team Page:

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  1. I will be donating when I get paid next week. You and your family are such troopers in this difficult time. Love and blessings to you all.

  2. Though my dad lost his battle with brain cancer, my mom is living proof of how much of a difference these types of events and the money they raise make. She is a 10+ year advanced breast cancer survivor. Along with that, it was the Cancer Society volunteers that made it possible for my mom and others receiving daily treatment to get to and from their out-of-town chemo and radiation appointments thanks to men and women who voluntarily drive the vans and cars that get them there. This money really does make a difference in not only finding treatments and cures but also in making the lives of patients and their families a little easier during their fight. I will be donating now :)

  3. @considermelovely Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you. That means so much to me.

    @Adrienne That is such a great point to make. There were so many people supporting his immediate family during the entire process that truly made it easier to deal. Thank you for sharing your perspective, and of course for donating! xoxo