Monday, March 25, 2013

List of Requirements

10 years of blogging means 10 years of over-sharing, over-thinking, and over-analyzing. It also means that I can go back and ask myself, "What the hell were you thinking?"

Let's take what I have below, which is a list from 2007 (when I was just 21) and still hopeful that Prince Charming would come knocking on my door with a size 11 comfortable stiletto. I have crossed out some things, in light of a brief conversation with a friend, who asked, "What are you willing to give up when it comes to your requirements for a guy?"

I dug back in the archives and when I found it, I wanted to see just how much (or little) I have changed. I've crossed out the items that no longer matter--not much.

1. Patient.
2. Good Conversationalist
3. Loves to think
4. Loves to read
5. Loves/Appreciates music
6. Strong spiritual connection
7. Confident
8. Sensitive
9. Strong minded
10. Ambitious
11. Compassionate
12. Loves/Read poetry
13. Strong relationship with family
14. Good set of friends
15. College educated
16. Intelligent
17. Likes to dance
18. Funny/Strong sense of humor/Thinks I'm funny
19. Self Aware and critical
20. Loves to talk
21. Loves to be quiet
22. Respects individual space and values his own personal time
23. Physically Affectionate
24. Caring
25. Thoughtful
26. Open
27. Flexible
28. Can get along with my family and friends
29. Enjoys sports
30. Loves children
31. Understands and values the Tuesday Rule
32. Values education
33. Social Activist
34. Politically aware
35. Comfortable in his own skin
36. Nice hands/teeth
37. Open to new experiences
38. Loves to travel
39. Loves to laugh/smile
40. Great story teller
41. Can recognize when they are wrong
42. Know the right way to tell me when I am wrong
43. Good at dealing with confrontation; committed to not fighting, but rather working through issues and problems
44. Understands and appreciates me
45. Loves Life.
46. Happy on his own, finds joy from his existence on this earth, where the source is not from money or materials.
47. Can cry openly with me and is comfortable with my emotions (my crying)
48. Will learn to love, or at least, appreciate my family and friends as much as I do.
49. Loves to kiss.

50. Loves to love.

Not much has changed, as you can see. I do want to pat my 21 year old self on the back for not having a crazy list, but if I could add one thing it would be a height requirement.

What's on your list? 


  1. Since you took off so many, I don't see why you can't sneak a height note in there.

  2. @malizot You're right. Adding THAT now.

  3. Great list! Height would be in mine also!

    Now a little question: what's the Tuesday Rule? Lol